A special bodyguard

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Product length: 17 minutes

Lora is waiting in the ring for someone who owes her money and she plans to beat her up for not paying. Luna shows up telling her that she’s her bodyguard and she is there to make sure she does no harm. Luna the “special” bodyguard is a very different type of bodyguard. She’s not a very good fighter. She has an iron jaw. So hard that when Lora strikes her in the jaw it hurts her hands, even through the boxing gloves. Luna recovers and attacks Lora a total of three times where throughout she continue to weaken due to exhaustion. While Lora’s trying to knock out Luna a third time, Luna begins to strengthen as Lora continues to weaken where finally the tables are turned and Luna destroys Lora and her belly. Luna walks away triumphant as a bodyguard that was successful in protecting her client.


1 review for A special bodyguard

  1. mbrand

    This is my seventh custom with Lora and I have never been disappointed. Lora and everyone within her studio works so very hard to achieve the elements that I wish to see in each and every project. They do everything humanly possible to satisfy, and then some. I hope you enjoy this video with it’s non-stop belly punching, belly pushing content. I truly did!

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