Boss fight

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3 reviews for Boss fight

  1. BP

    Their reaction performance is so good , especially spitting by belly attack!!

  2. nicknaobaygio

    This is my fourth custom with lady2fight and they again surpassed my expectation. They followed all my requirements to the detail and I have a lot of nice surprise watching the video.

    Both girls are super hot with great expression, reaction, and especially their fighting skills. The direction is also top notch. Overall, a very satisfying custom for me.

    I will definitely make new custom with them again, and soon.

  3. tbc

    Both Lora and Luna are such wonderful actors. Although the retching and writhing after being punched and kicked in the stomach aren’t my thing, I do recognize what convincing acting that is. I would love/hate being kicked by powerful Luna. She looks like she could knock a person’s head off. I love Luna’s clothing. She looks so sexy in skin-tight leggings, boots, and gloves. Her mask make her look mysterious like a ninja assassin. Such a turn on. Love it! Great work by everyone involved in this production.

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