Red Hot Lora. Part 3

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The third part of ‘Red Hot Lora’. All the fight scenes one sided with Lora dominating her larger male opponents. When Lora strikes her opponents, periodically the men either spin or be thrown by the force of Lora’s strikes. Lora’s character also has superhuman ninja like strength and periodically, using either one or both arms to grab her male opponents by the throat or shirt and forcefully lift, drag or push them into walls or hold their shirt with one hand while she repeatedly punches them in the face. Lora also occasionally pouts her face and cracks her knuckles to intimidate her opponent.

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5 reviews for Red Hot Lora. Part 3

  1. tws

    Lora is on fire again, red hot. Great moves, sexy with never ending power.

  2. Kev

    Lora looks fantastic in this outfit, as usual she simply destroys the bad guys one by one – amazing clip.

  3. Polar Bear

    Another brilliant effort by Lora and her team. I loved all the fights and in particular the wonderful effort with the opening knife scene.
    I’m really impressed with how proficient Lora have become with nunchucks. She looks incredibly fierce when using them to pound away at her male opponents.
    Finally, at risk of stating the obvious, Lora looks absolutely stunning in the red catsuit, with the black boots, gloves, belt and head band. Quite the vision to behold.

  4. balls4loraboots

    I remember a dream of Lora as silk spectre except she wore red and black latex. And all the sudden Lora is shining in that uniform with every kick of her boots and gloved hand strike.

    You’ve got to love this girl. Super hot action star

  5. saki

    wow…nice good so sexy

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