Slowly defeating Supergirl with belly pushes

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Lora meets Supergirl in ring to fight. Lora has crystal with her that makes Supergirl weak and completely helpless.  She now can barely stand let alone fight. Lora places Supergirl in 4 positions in ring and pushes her fists into Supergirls belly in the center on the belly button to slowly knock her out.  Lora greatly enjoys having complete control over supergirl  throughout and especially enjoys pushing in Supergirls body in the pit of her belly.

3 reviews for Slowly defeating Supergirl with belly pushes

  1. Michael Brand

    All my life, which unfortunately is many years, I’ve searched for a company to produce and choreograph this video request like Lora and Luna did. There are simply no words that even come close to convey how pleased I am with the result. I understand we’re all a little different in what we like to watch, but you will be simply amazed by this video. The one word that should have been in the title but was left out is “deep”. I won’t ramble on about how Lora and Luna are two of the most beautiful people on the planet, but I will continue to urge you to buy this video. You will not be disappointed!!

  2. Ali

    I really like the video. And i really like how is the punching is slowly and deep. But can you do video of revenge luna defeats lora with the same concept of punching. But with bikinis so we can see the punches goes inside her stomach. Because belly punching videos are much nicer when the belly is exposed

  3. ralphbandit

    Deep punches and sexy reactions.

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