Sonya’s Stripped Submission

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Almost exact replica of “Sonya’s Submission” with topless Sonya and camera zoomed in more like in whipping scene in “Sonya Stories of Slavery”. We open with a full body view of Sonya unconscious, face slightly leaning forward, mouth slightly open, chained arms overhead, abs stretched, tips of feet supporting, wearing only thong as she is topless diagonally facing the camera. A bucket of water is thrown on her chest/belly area to wake her up. Sonya’s eyes are wide open as she chokes a little on the water, head facing forward. Villain runs his finger from her belly button, between her breasts, then lifts her head by the chin to face him, asking if she knows why she is back in this room.

1 review for Sonya’s Stripped Submission

  1. mav6666_1

    Sonya does an amazing job at vocal reactions and moving/gyrating her naturally buxom and beautiful @$$ to various torments while chained AOH or hogtied and gagged. Those torments include having a bucket of water thrown at her chest/torso, belly/face punches, baton blows, taser shocks, body whipping, choking, and f0ndling. Amazing work by her and Otto as well as Lora for directing!

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