Take my punch, Irma (POV)

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It’s a POV boxing style match. It’s one-sided with Irma losing. For the first 5 minutes, Irma takes face and belly punches. She doesn’t throw a single punch at all. Then the other 5 minutes, Irma takes an uppercut to the chin and gets knocked out, spread-eagled. She doesn’t respond. The video ends with a close-up of Irma still unconscious and spread-eagled.

1 review for Take my punch, Irma (POV)

  1. connie3991

    Irma Fantastic!!! Her boxing is courageous and even though outfought she still looks a fighter. Then comes the uppercut and Irma’s lights go out and she is flat on her back out ice cold and looking a million bucks. She is beautiful and has a gorgeous body and knocked right out she is so so SOOOO SEXY! Now if only she had been wearing a tiny bikini.

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