The Doll Squad 4 “Seeking and Destroying”

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The Plot: The Doll Squad is a “female Special Forces team” led by me Lieutenant Lora, I’m who personally select and trains my girls. My female Special Forces team is specialized in strike tactical operations, extracting information, infiltration, and target elimination specialists, my female Special Forces don’t need guns, our feminine charms mixed with our fighting skills make us the most lethal weapons that nobody would dare to face…!
My girls sergeant Rita and corporal Sonya are on vacation and I haven’t my sidekicks to help with one mission, so I did visit an old friend lieutenant Nancy, she and I did form the first Doll Squad team, so we going to remember our old times when we kicked ass, and our mission is to find a mercenary gang and eliminate to everyone, no prisoners so I call it operation “Seeking and Destroying”.

1 review for The Doll Squad 4 “Seeking and Destroying”

  1. Marcos

    Thank you so much…! ♥Lora and Nancy♥ for working on this video…!♥
    The Doll Squad is one of my favorite stories that I love to write, I can say now that this looks better and according to my right stories about 2 experimented female officers from army special force.
    I now with a new change on their uniforms, I loved the red beret combination, the Doll Squad can have different uniforms with nice accessories combinations…!♥
    I did a test with ♥Sonya♥ and ♥Rita♥ in the previous videos and I loved them…♥♥♥ but Nancy adds a special touch “♥Lieutenant Nancy…!♥”
    I’m very happy to count 3 girls to form the Doll Squad team with ♥Lora♥ so now I can select any of them according to the Doll Squad’s stories, and maybe I might try to make a video with 3 or 4 Doll Squad members, this could be excellent …!♥
    ♥Lora♥ and ♥Nancy♥ I appreciate your fantastic job, my video was great…!♥
    I expect to count on ♥Nancy♥ again for a new Doll Squad video…!

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