A boxing fight with Luna

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Your at opposite corners she charges at you you punch her, she falls back an charges at you again you punch her again. She is knocked out, you punch her in her stomach while she is down. She kicks you an crawls to the ropes. You wait for her to climb the ropes to hit her in the back. She turns around a you punch her and her head leans over the rope. She tries to block but you keep punching her an uppercut her. Her head fallsback on the ropes but she kicks you in the nuts. You back up, she charges at you grabbing you with one arm punching you in the face, in the stomach. She throws you into the corner an unleashes fast punches lefts and rights over an over. You on slide down but she upper cuts you back up in the corner. She throws you into some ropes, she holds you with one hand an punches you over an over. You head is leaning over the ropes. She then throws you into a corner, she smashes your head into the corner over an over , then turns you around an punches you in the stomach over an over. You slide down an crawl away. You see legs an boots, you look up, and she knocks you out. When you wake up she is on top of you. She slaps you left and right over an over. She stands up an punches you over an over and walks away.

2 reviews for A boxing fight with Luna

  1. lvkinkster22

    Luna fights dirty and that ballbusting kick changed the momentum! After that she completely dominates! There needs to be a rematch!

  2. Yousefabdo

    luna fight dirty and that ballbusting kick change the momentum after that she completely dominantes there needs to be a rematch

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