Agent Adventures

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Betty looks very haughty, confident – almost arrogant – she is the head of a spy agency who is about to meet undercover with her fellow spy that reports to her for a new missing. Betty informed Kevin of their mission; they were undercover and had to break into a hospital building to steal some secrets. Kevin listened diligently, while never once taking his eyes off her. Betty marches into the room first very confidently, but before she could take another step, a clear liquid of some sort splashed onto her stomach and ran down her legs, soaking her pantyhose and the crotch of her panties. The room had been booby trapped. She felt a sudden wave of weakness flow through her body, her legs getting heavy and her eyes rolling back. Turning to Kevin she looks helplessly as she collapses into a heap. Kevin hurriedly rushed to her side and caught her before she hit the ground, picking her up in his arms in a gentle cradle carry.

1 review for Agent Adventures

  1. calvcosp

    What a great film noir damsel in distress cradle carry film. Both Betty and Kevin have done a great job acting this out.

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