Agent Ashley infiltrated a gang

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Agent Ashley infiltrates a gang’s headquarters. She destroys thugs with a series of karate chops, face punches, high kicks, reverse boot kicks with 2 held under arms etc.

3 reviews for Agent Ashley infiltrated a gang

  1. Kev

    Great clip , Ashley is awesome !

  2. miko

    Ashley is an incredible gorgeous and pretty agent. Marvellous fighting performance,a great beating feast by sitting both in bed and at the table . Ashley taught these 3 muscled huge men very well with her special high karate and taekwando kicks, karate hand hits , palm strikes and reverse boot kicks. Ashley just had fun beating up the guys. All we heard were the sounds of Ashley’s karate hiya beat and the groans of these poor guys. Ashley is the best. No man can beat her in a fight and just would become her kick and punch mat and slave. More Ashley agent video please. 🙂

  3. Gilbert

    i enjoy watching one girl demolish many guy easily

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