Agent J vs The Siberian Tiger and Agent-700

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Ashley is here ta avenge her daughter. She and Lora, former Agent 700, are going to kill Agent J. However, Agent J manages to make them sleep and enjoys the viewof their soles and toes that contain secret weapon.

3 reviews for Agent J vs The Siberian Tiger and Agent-700

  1. Anthony

    This is another chapter in the Agent J series that started with
    Lora and Ashley deliver great performances as the two villainesses who torment Agent J Ashley is both scary and funny at the same time she is in my opinion a really good actress just watch her entrance pose in this video it is sexy and badass at the same time.Lora is always incredible in her performances with her martial arts training she really kicks ass. A special mention must go to the editor because his editing skills with cutting scenes together with the music and special effects is really something special all around a great production from a great studio.

  2. ouellette

    I dont know who review this before me but you own me money for this none sense video 0 action 31 min of sleeping in the car what did i just watch

  3. Natalie

    Really liked this video loved the whole jungle and Amazon feel to this video And also liked the car fight concept pretty cool soundtrack too.

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