Agent Nancy has a deal with Lora

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Lora decided to destroy Nancy’s belly and her beautiful body because she does not like when someone invades her territory. In the end Nancy manages to resist Lora. Lora sees that Nancy is a worthy rival offers her a deal.

2 reviews for Agent Nancy has a deal with Lora

  1. mav6666_1

    Nancy is amazing in her debut! Great athletic body/abs, good reactions to her AOH torture, and nice S-style AOH stretching/writhing. Lora is the best as always, playing the vicious villain and flashing her trademark abs. Great outfits for both girls as well! Hope to see Nancy in more torture clips in the future >:)

  2. bruizg91

    I never expected to see a girl with nancys height and figure doing clips like this , the video is amazing and i will for sure try and order a custom video with her , both lora and her look amazing with their exposed abs, and nancy looks great in aoh

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