Alex failed his revenge

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3 reviews for Alex failed his revenge

  1. Gabi

    Thank you so much Lora! It is just a perfection. No matter what I request, not only you understand what I want, but also you make it even better. You are the best Lora! Special thanks to Alex as well!!!

  2. Daniel Ezekiel

    I just bought this clip, I have long since adored Lora’s clips, so beautiful, great body, and great fighting skills. It is the best clip she has ever done, a great custom clip , thanks to whomever wrote it. I LOVED the ball grab scenes and the uppercut groin kicks, and the sound effects . I added a few of my own effects to it for my own pleasure but it was great as it was. Highly recommend it to those who love ballbusting/karate, an element of realism , it was not a one sided fight, as that would be unrealistic. Lora had great facial expressions , realistic grabs to the balls, and scissors holds, loved the long hair tossing ! Lora please please do more like this, we loved it!….. Thank you.

  3. Oliva Santos

    A fantastic video. I recomend it. Lora fights 3 rounds, wins all three but take a good dose of hits. She fights in black bikini, thong, supersexy- Very erotic video (no porn!)- The title talks about revenge, but a had not managed to see the first fight Alex vs Lora, Can anyone inform me?

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