Amazon Lora vs two serial killers

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  • EUR: 15.63 €

Amazon Lora gets gut punches from 2 guys. Blows are applied with bats mainly. The guys take turns. All hits are long strong hits.

2 reviews for Amazon Lora vs two serial killers

  1. mav6666_1

    Lora continues to be the best at having amazing abs and looks and having amazing vocal and physical reactions to torture scenarios, especially when she’s tied AOH. Always love it when she really hangs by her wrists since she is physically fit to do so. The only thing left to say is that Eric and Bryan were great vicious villains.

  2. Absstar

    I like this one! Everything what the other reviewer “Mav6666” said! Lora is the perfect actress/model for this kind of scenario!!

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