Angel of the East. Part 1

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My name is Nikolai Gogol. I am an ancient warlock trained in the dark arts of alchemy. Baba Yaga has resurrected my daughter Angel. Angel has become a powerful sorceress. My daughter has destroyed Baba Yaga and is trying to steal my soul. The rusalki called “The Right Hand” has joined her for revenge. I search for the woman I love, the witch who is trying to kill me.

Angel of the East. Part 2

1 review for Angel of the East. Part 1

  1. Anthony

    Really well made Russian Folklore Fantasy, Lora Always delivers great customs, and this is no exception.
    Special metion must be made to Carmen and Meghan. Carmen is a really great actress and her work in this custom is is her best in my opinion, they way she eexecutes her lines reaaly shows sh cares about her acting.
    And Meghan is increduble as the Siren, the way she moves and animates her body movements was great.
    The makeup was just perfect.
    ‘Thanks to the team and editor at Loras studio

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