Baba Yaga vs the water Nymphs. Part 1

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The custom has a horror fairytale folklore atmosphere.
The witches have stolen Eric’s daughter’s soul. Eric asks Baba Yaga to help him and perform the ritual of resurrection. Their witches coven has sent their two demon sirens to kill Eric. They come from a bloodline of ancient Rusalki. They are the witches from the lake.
Warning: this video contains a small amount of fighting and more focuses on shots of soles and toes.

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1 review for Baba Yaga vs the water Nymphs. Part 1

  1. Anthony Sanches

    This video perfectly captures Russian folklore. It’s fun, and creative. I loved Nicky and Michelle they are just perfect in capturing the Russian sirens, great acting, and performance. Special metion must be said about the editor for Lora he is just an amamzing talented editor from the special effects to the music, to the voice work. he is great. Karina is as always a great performer. Thanks Lora for a fun video.

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