Battle for Supremacy

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Lora vs 15 thugs, one of which is the boss. Very tough fights, and Lora is a bit too cocky. She still manages though. Six fights. Lora looses fight 1 and 3, she wins the others. Fights 3 and 6: she is blindfolded and with hands tied behind her back. Somewhat long victory scene.

4 reviews for Battle for Supremacy

  1. ricky


  2. 7615dairy

    This one not too bad. I really like the part where Lora is held by up to 5 villains. She is then beaten and punished. But, the part I didn’t really like is she is super human and just almost laughed off the attack. But, the ending is very surprising. Never really seen an ending like that, and that is really saying something because I have seen a lot of heroine in action and in peril. It would have been much better if Lora grunted loudly from beatings.

  3. Fred

    Great video ( and my custom )! 15 opponents! She cockily claims she can beat them — and they claim they are well prepared and can beat her. It is a tough battle. After the first sequence, the thugs celebrate — but too early. Lora gets ahead of herself too, underestimating her opponents at some point. So: something for everyone. Lora is in constant action. This must have been an exhausting movie to make. A joy to watch.

  4. JonKos

    I always love Black Canary clips by Lora. Remember her first streetfighter series on Heels4kicks and then she disappeared. I have just discovered Lady2fight. She’s looking better than ever and her kicks have every ounce of fury

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