Battle simulations

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It is multiple quick shootouts and fights that result in both fighters dying, they are training simulations. In the last time, it is the real fight and one girl survives, since she has learned from the prior training simulations where she died. After each simulations multiple there are camera angles of both defeated girls laying motionless before the next scene starts.

3 reviews for Battle simulations

  1. Cdar

    The best gun/knife fun video I have ever seen! Lora and Luna are outstanding! Love the eyes crossed,tongue out endings! The skimpy outfits are perfect,and Lora and Luna are SO sexy! Please do more of these!

  2. Mia

    This is one of Luna’s best. I’ve bought most of Luna’s videos. Her body is phenomenal and I hope we get as many Luna videos as possible.

  3. James

    I agree, one of the best gun and knife videos I have see as well. If anyone wants to join me to commission another like it, comment here.

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