Belly challenge for Supergirl

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Supergirl is hogtied, weakened with kryptonite and gets slaps and whips into her stomach.

3 reviews for Belly challenge for Supergirl

  1. Billy

    This is my 2nd custom video, i even got them to make supergirls prototype suit from the show , i must say it looks excellent i tried to implement some new belly stuff like the upside down hanging you can hear the slaps clearly if you like belly fetish and want to see lora be dominated as supergirl this video is amazing lora knows how to show her toned body very well highly recommend you to check it out

  2. NedRed

    Lara is excellent.

  3. mav6666_1

    Glad the heroine sale finally let me see this clip. Lora is again amazing during all the bondage torture while wearing the sexy supergirl outfit that shows off her fit body. Body poses and reactions, especially during the AOH scene, are amazing! I don’t know how she pulled off the upside down hogtie whipping scene but only Lora could!

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