Black Canary defeats gangsters

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4 reviews for Black Canary defeats gangsters

  1. Fred

    Amazing video! Great action, Lora looks perfect, back-and-forth action, with Black Canary Lora gradually gaining the upper hand, and eventually just toying with the boys. Highly recommended to all fans of “girl power” action!

  2. Nikumaru

    bloody well done! i really enjoying watching the parts where girls in tights leotard and pantyhose being punched or beaten, please make more videos like this!

  3. SMJ

    Wonderful !
    Lora is my dream fighting girl.
    I’ve been waiting so long to see her wearing again her thigh high boots, pantyhose & string leotard.
    So sexy !
    More Black Canary Lora please.

  4. tbc

    Lora’s whip-quick kicks and punches are a sight to behold. And that that thing leotard, gloves and thigh-high boots make my heart race. Soooo sexy.

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