Black Canary Lora and the Gang of Thirteen

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Black Canary Lora will convince thugs to stop being criminals, to become a gang that helps her fight crime and to do good, and to take regular jobs. Of course, they do not like to be convinced: so she will beat it into them.

3 reviews for Black Canary Lora and the Gang of Thirteen

  1. man45L.FFan

    In one ward wawww. BLACK CANARY LORA. You are impossible pretty, sexy and invicible super woman hero. You are the boss of all bad men and thugs. The world needs you. All bad men must bow in front of you and kiss your boots. These all bad strong men will be good men in the world forever after this great beatdown. But firstly they will stay for months in the hospital. From now on they can will do anything without your great permission. Lora you are the real fighting legend. You are one army. You are the protector of all innocents and justice. Glad to have you in this world. And no men can beat you . Even Bruce Lee Hulk Hogan or Supertman i think…You are the queen and boss of all heroes.İ admire you… and excellent performance from 12 extra men. Highly recommend video . Thank you.

  2. Fred

    Amazing video! Black canary Lora against 12 men at once … and not showing an ounce of fear. On the contrary, she beats them up, and beats them up again, humiliating them, despite their best efforts. Lots of creative new elements: being beaten while on the ground, fighting while a guy carries her and is choked by her legs and much, much more. Why a “Gang of 13”? Watch to find out! This is the last of the triology set (“Gang of Seven”, “Gang of Ten”). My custom-ordered video and they did a fantastic job with it. Buy and enjoy!

  3. Oleg

    This is really the best three-part video. Fights look more natural, actors play well, Laura is great as always

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