Black Canary Lora and the girl smuggling ring

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Black Canary Lora fights a gang of thugs who smuggle girls. She gets into their central operations where she dominates and humiliates thugs and their Big Boss, and releases girls.

1 review for Black Canary Lora and the girl smuggling ring

  1. Fred

    Awesome, and unusual! The first half of the video is a version of “Black Canary and Oracle Birds of Prey Revolution #1”. In the first minute, Lora sings a beautiful song: what a rare feature. In the middle, Lora gets overwhelmed with a man attacking her from behind with a cloth, if you fancy that. The second part sees Lora beat up a bunch of guys, starting from being tied up in a chair. She doesn’t mind getting hit. Dominance, all around! Highly recommended.

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