Black Canary Lora Lance- the TV show

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Lora is interviewed in a TV studio, reflecting on her amazing abilities and asked to demonstrate them. There will be multiple challenges, she cockily agrees to all of them or even make them more challenging, though some of them nearly get her to loose (but she always wins). In the course of demonstrating her abilities, she will repeatedly damage the android, who has to be replaced by a new clone. I call him “Clone 1”, “Clone 2”, etc..

2 reviews for Black Canary Lora Lance- the TV show

  1. Andrea

    Really nice idea to show the power of the invincible Black Canary Lora Lance.
    It needs more cyborgs and above all more strong if you want challenge Black Canary Lora Lance.


  2. Fred

    My custom, and if I dare say so, a wonderful idea: one, that I hope will catch on and with others staging a “Fight-and-Talk Show” for their favorite fighter, testing her (or him) on live TV. Try it! Lora and her team executed it so well. The creation of the TV show atmosphere, the cut-in of previous videos, the changing lighting, the moderator who seems to lazily read his lines from his smart phone, Lora’s very natural and excellent acting, the woodenness of the android/cybord —- it all is remarkably well done! Professional and with a lot of dedication. The fighting and the little scenes in between are a joy to watch. Check out the scene with her on her back, where she winks at the camera. Or the scene using handcuffs for a worthy challenge, and her dealing with that situation. Highly recommended.

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