Black Canary Lora The Bait. Part 2

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Five thugs are in a room. They have been assaulting women, but there is no hard evidence yet. Lora is sent in to lure them into assaulting her, while everything will be recorded. The thugs barricade the room so that no one can enter. They assault her indeed, the evidence is recorded. The thugs find out. They are livid: so they destroy the microphone and camera and want to proceed to beat her up. But instead, she now beats them up. It is a vicious back-and-forth battle: these are hardened criminals! But Lora gets them to promise never to assault women again plus beats them up really badly. When helpers finally get into the room, they ask the beaten-up criminals what happened, and they say she beat them up. Obviously, no one believes them, and they are sent to jail.

Black Canary Lora The Bait. Part 1

1 review for Black Canary Lora The Bait. Part 2

  1. Fred

    They attacked her —- so, she finishes them off. Great video!

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