Black Canary Lora: Trial by Combat

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Lora applies for “elite soldier status,” and that requires going through a variety of trials. There are five trials. The three soldiers thoroughly test her. It is tough, but in the end, of course, Lora makes it.

2 reviews for Black Canary Lora: Trial by Combat

  1. Fred

    Wow. What a movie! For full disclosure, this is my custom. Be that as it may: Lora went way beyond the call of duty here. Taking hits, while hanging upside down. Being pushed into the snow, with the camera focussing on her unrelentingly. What an effort! The movie is excellent. Black Canary Lora seeks to get a five star rating as elite soldier, and five impossible challenges are thrown at here. Impossible for all — except for Black Canary Lora, of course! Cocky as ever, she just marches right into them —- and succeeding, of course, against all odds. Highly recommended.


    The best saga I’ve never seen ….. Actually I can’t resist to the Black Canary adventures, She is really invincible and I love it. Lora is sooo sexy.
    Personally I would prefer some different things but I really loved the challenges in this video, above all the armwrestling match. Thank you very much for the awesome work.

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