Black Canary Lora vs Mr Steelhammer and four thugs

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Five thugs try to beat up Black Canary Lora. One of them is very strong, can punch a concrete wall and do damage. This is tough on Black Canary Lora! But she is defiant and arrogant throughout. And eventually, of course, beats up the thugs.

1 review for Black Canary Lora vs Mr Steelhammer and four thugs

  1. Fred

    Outstanding video! Lora as Black Canary in an updated outfit (new leotard!) fights five thugs. One is Mr Steelhammer, who has a bio-engineered arm and can punch holes in a wall (see minute 9 or see second 13 in the preview). But what happens, when his steel arm meets Black Canary’s steel abs? What, if he has help from four fellow thugs? As you might have guessed, Black Canary Lora is very tough. Very creative, lots of cool elements, highly recommended!

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