Black Canary Lora vs the Gang of Seven

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Black Canary Lora vs 7 thugs. There are multiple fights, where Lora gives the thugs different handicaps, and still wins and sends them behind the bars.

1 review for Black Canary Lora vs the Gang of Seven

  1. Fred

    Wow! Amazing video! For full disclosure: this is my custom. But they went beyond the call of duty on this one. Cool new outfit. Exciting and creative choreography. New elements. Convincing acting. So well done. She comes to arrest the Gang of Seven, but they have other ideas, obviously. She is cocky throughout, but the thugs do not give in easily. In the first half, the thugs surprise her and take it to her, beating her up pretty badly in one long fight. Of course she fights back, but they have the upper hand. They choke her from the back: it is done so well, it feels very real. They beat her up, they toss her to the floor. She is on the back on the floor, enduring punishment. Then she is crawling on all four, being kicked around. She is made to stand up again, and talk to the police chief. She tells him that all is well, despite just having been through a beating. The second half starts, where she beats up the thugs, even proposing some challenges or being handicapped. She tells them that she can beat them all up in under a minute, and she does. In the end, she has thoroughly beaten and humiliated them. Something for everyone! So many variations. Excellent quality video. I love the outside setting, the way the sun enhances the scene and the changes that result. Highly recommended.

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