Black Canary Lora vs the Gang of Ten

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33.99 $

  • EUR: 31.29 €

Lora will convince 19 thugs to stop being criminals, to become a gang that helps her fight crime and to do good, and to take regular jobs. Of course, they do not like to be convinced: so Lora will beat it into them

1 review for Black Canary Lora vs the Gang of Ten

  1. Fred

    This is my custom and they did such an amazing job! After fighting the “Gang of Seven”, she is now up against 10 thugs, all by herself? Will this finally be her comeuppance? No way … instEad, she beats all of them in many different ways and even with handicaps, cocky as always. The men try and they fight back! But she is stronger. Fantastic video and highly recommended.

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