Black Canary Lora vs the martial arts masters

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Lora walks into a dojo, where four martial arts masters are in the middle of an important tea ceremony.  She accuses them of training thugs in the neighborhood.  They do not wish to listen to her and want to throw her out.  Fights ensue.  The masters are masters, so they are better fighters than the usual opponents, and they know martial arts moves!  Eventually, she wins and dominates them and takes over the Dojo.

3 reviews for Black Canary Lora vs the martial arts masters


    Black Canary Lora is my favourite heroine.
    I love the plot and Lora in action against more men.

    Very nice work.

  2. Fred

    Awesome! The four masters have something to learn from Lora, if only they wouldn’t be so arrogant! Lora beats them up, regardless.

  3. kicked72

    One of the greatest videos I’ve ever seen. Lora’s outfit is gorgeous: I love it that she takes her boots off before the fight! The part when Lora destroys four men with her hands tied behind her back and using only her feet is just incredible. The final victory pose with her standing over a pile of men that she just demolished is absolutely wonderful. Please make more videos like this one!

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