Black Canary Lora vs three supersoldiers

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The military has started a new program of creating supersoldiers, but needs to convince the public, that these supersoldiers are really much stronger than ordinary fighters: so they issue a challenge to reward anyone who can beat them. Lora accepts that challenge and fights the three of them. But it is very tough! Initially, they beat her more and it does not look like she has much of a chance. Very gradually, she turns the tables, though, and eventually beats them all. She is defiant and cocky-arrogant throughout. The fight is commented on by the voice in the background.

2 reviews for Black Canary Lora vs three supersoldiers

  1. franck


    wonderful and great movie with the amazing and beautiful lora
    great work
    it’s already a pleasure for me to buy movies

  2. Fred

    The government has bio-engineered supersoldiers, offering a reward to anyone who thinks he or she can beat them. Of course, Black Canary Lora takes up the offer, and cockily asks to fight three of them at once. But they are supersoldiers indeed! She first receives a thorough beatdown by one of them, without hardly affecting him —- but remains defiant and demands to fight all three at the same time. This is the toughest battle of Black Canary Lora so far! Will she come out ahead or will this be her demise? Of course, Lora looks amazingly good doing it, the actors do a fantastic job, the action is first rate, the fight choreography creative and convincing and it all is a superb video. For full disclosure: this is my custom and I am very happy with it.

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