Bodyguard Michelle is humiliated

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Michelle starts off as a strong confident fighter. But on discovery on her weakness at her crotch / groin, she is systematically broken down and humiliated.
Humiliation through various cuntbust on Michelle, frontal kicks, kicks from the rear, hand-jabs, Punches, stomping, Grabs and claws. Reactions on receiving cuntbusts.

1 review for Bodyguard Michelle is humiliated

  1. JDT

    Excellent video. I liked the grandeur that Michelle showed in the bodyguard character. Maledom along with the idea of ​​a bodyguard is exactly what appeals to me. Even more so when the subjugated woman is a strong and imposing woman like Michelle. I really liked. Congratulations on the excellent work and the ideas in the video script.

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