Boss punishes noisy technician

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Lora is a businesswoman and runs a company. Lora sits in the office chair and wants to work on the computer, but it does not work. She calls the service technician to repair the computer. He comes and tries to fix the PC computer which is under the desk. Lora sits by the desk at the office chair and talks on the phone, she crosses her legs from time to time and has it also slightly spread. The man has to work under the desk on his knees to get the PC to work. He is distracted while working and keeps looking between Lora’s legs. Lora notices it and punishes the man.

1 review for Boss punishes noisy technician

  1. samualsknight

    Once again, Lora shows that her stunning legs and irresistible charm are no match for arrogant behavior in men. She dominates her unsuspecting acquaintance without mercy. This is 10 minutes of female domination at its best. At the end, she requests another technician be sent up. I can’t wait to see what she does to him!

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