Bryan dominates Lora

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Lora is sitting on the floor, and Bryan walks up to her and steps on her hand. He just stands there as she tries to get free. He finally lets go, and instead squeezes her head between his legs. She grabs his legs and tries to get out but fails. When he finally lets go, she tries to crawl away but he steps down on her shoulder. He lets go, and as soon as she tries to crow away again, he steps on her back. He finally lets go. Lora gets on her knees and he puts his foot on her shoulder. She hugs his leg and begs him to stop. He just stands like this. Finally he kicks her down again, and she crawls to his feet and continues begging. After begging for a bit she passes out, her face is on his feet. He presses his toes on her cheek to check if she’s awake, then walks away.


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