Captain Lora Unbreakable. Part 2

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Lora vs three strong prize fighters, fighting in a ring. Video contains lots of fights, handicaps, lots of trash talk, lots of back-and-forth. Lora wins and does victory poses.

Captain Lora Unbreakable

1 review for Captain Lora Unbreakable. Part 2

  1. Fred

    Three martial arts champion fight for the world title – plus „local fighter and fan favorite“ Captain Lora. Needless to say, she beats the crap out of them, seven giving them handicaps. They don‘t stand a chance! Captain Lora is unbeatable. Excellent video, creative choreography and just lots of fun to watch. Highly recommended. Also: there is no direct link to the first „Captain Lora: Unbreakable“ or the third one, except for having Captain Lora in all three. For full disclosure: this was my custom, and I am very happy with it.

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