Checking out the enemy. Part 2

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Luna and Lora enter an enemy detachment, they must check that there are no men left alive and identify the dangerous mercenaries. They go to different places in the abandoned building. They turn the body with their feet, look at it, pose on it, comment, turn the body towards each other doubting who it is. until they identify it. At the end, before leaving, one of them leaves it next to the wall, moving it with his foot. One man pretends that he is dead and they finish him off and so on until the last one.

Checking out the enemy. Part 1

1 review for Checking out the enemy. Part 2

  1. Mattia Deblasis

    Message for the guy who ordered this custom: i love this kind of clips! We have the same passion and i have many scenes of this type from movies or tv series. Please contact me here:

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