Crotch Destruction

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Lora is a secret agent who is out to kill the Immortal Michael. Michael, who is a sado-masochist, has hired Lora to strip for him. She sensually performs a striptease for him and gives him a lapdance. As she seduces him, Lora begins to try and dominate Michael and hurt him, but Michael enjoys her dominations and continues to touch and caress all over Lora’s body. She becomes desperate with her blows and even attacks his crotch. This further excites Michael and now he wants to give her a taste of her own medicine. He then totally dominates Lora with various lifts, attacking her crotch, and humiliating her. After Lora has been completely dominated, she then finds herself tied up, tape gagged, and once again forced to give Michael a striptease. On the sofa, he has his way with the bound and gagged Lora. She won’t be escaping any time soon

1 review for Crotch Destruction

  1. Kim Joo Mo

    I love this vodeo….Great….
    I love “Gorilla Press”…

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