CV of secret agent Lora

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7 reviews for CV of secret agent Lora

  1. Kev

    Great clip , Lora looks fantastic in those outfits!

  2. SMJ

    Lora is the sexiest secret agent, the perfect dominant fighting girl.
    And those outfits : thigh high boots, pantyhose, GI, schoolgirl uniform, microskirts…
    Awesome !

  3. Anonymous

    How much does a video like this costs with this time lenght and the number of actors involved?

  4. tws

    Lora in sexy outfits, looking great and doing what she does best, beating guys. Lora is just awesome!

  5. JB

    Wow what’s fantastic clip!

  6. Dan

    Lora should have used punches not chops hopefully will see this in future as chops just don’t do it for me , this video was almost perfect the outfit everything and then she used chops instead of fist but giving it a 4 because of the outfits and the story line

  7. Leo

    Please Lora, do NOT change your karate chops, I love them.

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