Cyborg Enforcer

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Product length: 19 minutes

Lora is Cyborg that has been programmed to find the fugitives, Carmen and Sandra, and bring them in. She finds their location and confronts them, but they say they won’t go down without a fight. From there, Lora totally destroys both women with low blow punishment as they take turns attacking her one-by-one. As a cyborg, she is completely emotionless as she beats up the 2 fugitives with swift accuracy.

2 reviews for Cyborg Enforcer

  1. Bdot

    LOVED this custom video!

    The ladies looked amazing in their outfits and the fight choreography was awesome! I also really loved the variety of camera angles…especially the closeups 😉

  2. Sulvio

    Great low blows, great throat strikes, not a single good ko. What a waste.

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