Date invitation from Sonya

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Eric wins the championship, and Sonya comes to congratulate him. Sonya has a schoolgirl crush on him and challenges him, if she beats Eric in a wrestling match, then he will go out with her.

2 reviews for Date invitation from Sonya

  1. Man43

    Sonya is an incredible sexy,beatiful and attractive blonde. First of all Sonya knows how to beat man very well.İn just a few minutes she torns this human beast into pathetic slave after nice beating. One of the best ballbusting video.İ will lookforward to her new fighting and femdom videos. Because Sonya is a real man beater and one of the best.Thank you. And the man played very well.

  2. Sonya’s fun 44

    This is the best ballbusting video i have ever seen. Sonya gave this muscled huge man the beating of his life. and while doing this she always very confident, easyway,sexy and playful.He will be for a long time in the hospital after this beating. And he will live the rest of his life barren and halfman. and he will always knee wheneever see his mistress. Please More Sonya fighting and femdom videos 🙂

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