Daughter of the Tigress vs secret Agent J

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Betty and Louise are the Jungle Girl squadron who want to get revenge for Betty’s mother The Siberian Tigress. They poison Agent J with a new toxin, but he knows that the antidote is in their toes.

1 review for Daughter of the Tigress vs secret Agent J

  1. sanchez

    This is yet another great video from Lora and her team. This a a sequel to ‘THE SIBERIAN TIGRESS” And “THE GEMINI SISTERS” so we get a comic book over the top James Bond Spoof, complete with two of Siberias sexiest ladies, Betty and Louise, who do a great job as the villianesses. Louise speaking engilsh is super sexy, along with Bettys twirling and cracking of her whip. These two are fantasic additions to the Lady2fight team. We get poisoned fingernails,a strip tease, along with strip tease music, we get karate kicks, and Cartoon boxing glove coming out of a watch, we get whips, sleeperholds, Betrayls, and foot fetish action as Agent J tries to stay alive with the girls antitode hidden in their toenails, Wow what more could you ask for. I want to say a special thank you to Lora who moved the couch to a different room, because of construction they are doing in her studio, she actually contacted me to see if I wanted to move to a differnt location, now what other custom based fight company cares enough to do that for your video, I cant name one. Lora cares about her customers and she cares that you get the best video you can get for her company. waht more can I say thanks Eric for playing Agent J., and again I love Louise speaking english. Thanks Lora

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