Deadly panties. Sonya

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Product length: 18 minutes

Sonya enters her apartment and finds 3 guys going through her underwear drawers. A fight takes place where Sonya defeats the guys using her karate skills, at the end of scene she knocks them out. Then she changes her outfit and comes back. She defeats the guys using karate skills, and face sitting when she kills them.

Deadly panties. Lora

3 reviews for Deadly panties. Sonya

  1. Kev

    Great clip Sonya gets better and better .

  2. man 45

    Sonya is the Scissors of queen. She is incredibly pretty , sexy and deadly. Sonya is improving her fighting martial skills better and better.Fighting and beating bed man suit her very well. Sonya’s knee hits and punches and İ want Sonya’s slaves videos please.Sonya’s knee hits, punches and scissors actions are her own.No one has the comfort , enjoyment and pleasure that she has while beating up these ruthless muscled men .Thank you .Sonya is the best in this fighting work.

  3. Matchola6

    Fucking awesome video !! Please bring more videos of Sonya breking the guys’ necks with her thighs and her ass.

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