Don’t fight with wrestlers

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Camel clutch
Boston crab
Canadian backbreaker rack
Dragon sleeper
Torture rack
Sleeper hold
Atomic drop
Rag dolling
Stomach punches
Elbow, knee punches

2 reviews for Don’t fight with wrestlers

  1. Nik

    This video is amazing, the guys really did a great job with my custom request! They managed to include all the moves I asked for and added a few bonus ones in as well. The camel clutch/boston crab combo was executed perfectly, the turture rack was splendid and the dragon sleeper was superb! Seeing how far Lora’s body can bend was a lot of fun :).

    Lora is a star, fantastic talent, great actress who switches from the cocky attitude to pain and begging perfectly. Overall a great effort and I am very likely to order a custom from these guys again!

  2. franck


    i ‘am a big fan of wrestling and i was very fan of this movie.lora is a great actress who sell a shop very well
    thank you for this moment of pleasure

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