Defeated Spy

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Sonya enters the room as a spy tying to steal some codes. However, as she come into the room, henchwoman caught Sonya and asked what was her intention sneaking into the room. Sonya tried to run but another henchwoman caught her and puts a full nelson on her and the other henchwoman giving her brutal belly blows. After this beating, the henchwoman take turns and the other henchwoman holds Sonya by the armpit.

3 reviews for Defeated Spy

  1. Carlos

    Now if it was Sonya beating up Luna and Lora…. Oh yeah!!

  2. Michael

    Love the 2 vs 1 beatdown! Great limp action from sonya and i love the sweaty look!

  3. Donnyboy

    I adore Sonya in potdrbny roles. Not really my type of video, but I like Sonya as a rag doll.

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