Don’t betray he mafia. Sonya and Meghan

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Eric is the head of the local mafia and finds out someone is leaking secrets to the Feds. Sonya convinces him it’s Meghan so the 2 of them ambush her and beat her stomach to teach her a lesson while she begs, moans and pleads, insisting it wasn’t her They don’t believe her and make her pay with an extreme stomach beating. 3 months later, Eric finds out it wasn’t Meghan after all, rather it was Sonya. Eric and healed Meghan proceed to totally destroy Sonya’s stomach, making the beating that was given to Meghan’s ribs seem like a walk in the park compared to what’s in store for Sonya.

1 review for Don’t betray he mafia. Sonya and Meghan

  1. ocirneo

    perfect dressing, boots and denim like these are the best!!! …..wrong fetish… ladies like these must kick ass and smash male’w skull!!!!

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