Dr. Jekyll and Mistress Hyde

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Dr. Jekyll (Lora) is a psychiatrist who is trying to help her patients by using biological and social therapies. Things go terribly wrong when one of her patients overdose on a potent amount of animal pheromones turning him into a monster. The major theme of this video is female domination played out through brief moments of comedy, drama, and horror.

1 review for Dr. Jekyll and Mistress Hyde

  1. TBC

    OMG! Lora’s boots, gloves, straps, and mask dominatrix outfit and those ferociously cruel kicks. Lora’s fierce fighting style and use of the whip in this film is more Catwoman than other Catwoman pretenders that I’ve seen. Lora would make the ultimate Catwoman. This video makes me melt. This video is more like a mini-movie. It was a treat to see Lora, Marcus, and Otto act. There is more talent to this team of performers than most people realize. Amazing! Incredible! Great work!

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