Elena and Sandra on the first mission

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Two special agents are on a combat mission. The guys are trying to beat information out of them by torture, but the girls stand to the last.

3 reviews for Elena and Sandra on the first mission

  1. johnmarston927

    Somewhat mixed feelings on this film. Both girls are beautiful and the outfits are great but I found it disappointing that they only actually fight back for a very brief part of the video and beat the guys after very few attacks. I would have liked to see a more prolonged fight so we could get the sense that Sandra and Elena actually know how to fight. I’m still excited about the new girls though and it’s not a bad debut. I hope we get a film that really brings out their true fighting potential.

  2. Carlos

    Who’s Elena and who’s Sandra?

  3. tbc

    I agree with the former review. More prolonged fighting towards the end would have been better just to see what each woman had to offer. Still a wonderful debut!

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