Elena’s claws. Part 2

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In this battle Elena will be battling a male. It will start with her again crawling into the room. This time there will be a guy sitting at the desk sitting on his phone. She will sneak behind him and try to get the jump on him but he will quickly dodge her and then get some distance between him and her and tell her she is not supposed to be there and pull out his gun and aim it at her. She will then pull out her whip and hiss at him before using her whip to smack the gun out his hand. She will then try attacking him with her whip but he will keep dodging till he he gets close enough and strikes her knocking the whip out of her hand and knocking her back. He will then pull out a knife while she whips out her claws. He will first start the onslaught just barely stabbing her but each time coming close until the point where she is against the wall and he will go and try to go for a final stab but she will then crouch down again like a cat and dig her claws into his stomach startling him. He will then start backing him and this is where she will turn the tides. She will punch him while landing vital scratches on him eventually weakening him to the point where she lands a final claw on him knocking him down on his back but this time he is close to his gun. He will try to reach and grab it while laying on his back but she will quickly pounce on him digging one boot into his hand while her claw digs into his other hand while she sits on him like a cat. She while then talk about how he gave her a decent battle while purring in his ear. She while give an option to let him live if he can tell her where a certain file is. He will tell her its location and she will then deliver a final swipe of her claw to his face knocking him out. After she will climb off him and warn him while admiring her claws and then eventually leaving the scene

Elena’s claws. Part 1


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