Evil Sonya vs Heroines

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Sonya is an evil girl. She is running and hiding from tree to tree because the good girls are looking for her. They fight and clash with their swords. With swords they are evenly matched. Lora is way more skilled, but Sonya is tough and ferocious. Lora kicks Sonya in the stomach, which is her weak spot. Sonya cannot kick Lora back so she tries many ways to cut Lora. But Lora is very skilled and blocks all her attempts, and kicks, knees, and punches Sonya in the stomach each time. Sonya is very angry and charges into Lora, pushing her back. Lora the pushes Sonya back. Their strength is equal. But Lora takes the opportunity to kick Sonya in the stomach again. Sonya backs off in a great deal of pain. Sonya then fights Lora with fists. They are evenly matched at first. Again Lora is more skilled, but Sonya does not give up. They fight until Sonya starts losing. Sonya tries to grab Lora’s hair, and Lora catches Sonya’s fists. They lock their fingers. They struggle for a bit until again Lora knees Sonya in the stomach but does not let Sonya go. She knees her once more and then kicks her. Sonya falls down. Sonya sees the sword beside her. Sonya picks it up. Sonya is now smiling evily because she has the advantage.

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