Fist fight. Lora vs Rita

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Lora can’t believe a new girl like Rita would want to challenge her to a fight. Lora is the champion. Rita is new but she believes she can defeat the reigning champion since she never lost a fight. Lora points out she fought dozens of fights and won the majority of them while Rita has only fought half a dozen, but Rita points out she never lost a fight. They begin the fight, both believing they will win easily. But instead the fight will be very hard.

1 review for Fist fight. Lora vs Rita

  1. Carlos

    Hello. This is my custom. Once again i am very happy with the results and the professionalism shown by everybody at Lady2Fight.
    This video is a true fight video, where two ladies go on a non-stop brutal fight for the title of champions. Lora plays the established champion while Rita plays the challenger. Both give as much as they take, with Lora getting more punches than Rita but absorving them very well so that for the most part the fight is even. Who wins? Check it out!
    I hope you enjoy this vide as much i enjoyed having it made and watching the results.
    Once again, thank you Team Lora for another great custom.
    All the best for you all.

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