Flattened Irma’s toes. Part 2

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Irma stands with her feet apart, the men stand either side of her and each stand across a foot, pinning her feet down. They press hard so she cant get away, and also stomp a few times whilst on her feet. We see this full body and close up. Then one man faces her and stands on both her feet, keeping them pinned down, he stands with his toes straight on her feet and puts pressure on them. Then he gets off and the other man stands on her feet, he makes her walk and eventually has her pinned against the ropes and keeps her feet pinned down firm. Once he gets off she puts her feet together and both men take turns stomping across her feet and toes, before making her kneel on the floor with her feet apart and both men stand firm on her soles(1 foot each). They often say they will flatten her feet, and she often complains her feet feel flattened.

Flattened Irma’s toes. Part 1


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